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Mid Century Throw

Mid Century Throw

Wool Yarn hand felted onto 100% Merino Wool base. Available in our full colour range.

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Finishes Available

  • Our standard finish products are treated with the same finish, just to a lesser degree.
  • The treatment will also prevents pilling, however, it is important to remember that the standard finish products are more for decorative purposes and occasional seating.
  • They are softer to the touch than the professional range.
  • Please follow our cleaning and care instructions for the longevity of your wool product.
  • It is our recommendation that the professional treatment be purchased if the rock cushions or seating products are going to be in any high traffic area such as: Reception Area, Hotel, Lodge, Children's Play Area, Lounge etc.
  • Our professional finish is 100% water resistant and can be used outdoors in areas such as: Pool decks, Patio's, Outside seating areas.
  • Our professional finish is 100% weather resistant and can be left out in ALL weather conditions including snow.
  • The finish we have developed is an eco friendly hydrophobic treatment that repels liquid. It also prevents 'pilling' which is inherent in any wool product.
  • The professional treatment is very easy to keep clean, just wipe with a damp cloth or if very dirty, follow our cleaning instructions.
  • The finish does give the wool a rougher texture but does not alter the look or colour of the product in any way.
  • Please take note of our care instructions for the longevity of your wool product.