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Home Decor Inspired by Nature

Inspired by Nature.

All work Designed & Created by Ronel Jordaan®

Ronél Jordaan is inspired by nature. Through the medium of felted wool, her original designs playfully and eloquently echo organic forms and textures. These elements infuse a home with the comforting serenity, purity and beauty of the outdoors.

In a conscious effort to alleviate unemployment among woman living in the city townships, the company is dedicated to transference of skills, eco-friendly processes and celebration of respect for the environment.

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Galerie CO’s Proust Questionnaire

The body of work produced by South African designer, Ronel Jordaan, represents exactly that which Galerie CO was established to promote. We met her a few years ago at Cape Town’s annual Design Indaba, a design show that attracts exciting exhibitors from all over Southern Africa and is truly a hot-bed of creativity. For CO, it was a perfect fit. Ronel Jordaan’s work is contemporary, functional and beautiful backed up by a sophisticated understanding of the concept of sustainability to which she is firmly committed.

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“There is no question that Ronel Jordaan is our favorite artist and easily our best-selling one.”

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