Award Winning

Ronel Jordaan®, Textile Designer in Western Cape, South Africa

In 2003, Ronel Jordaan®, having been a textile designer for 26 years, began researching the possibilities of using felt as a creative medium. Entirely self-taught and following her own creative instincts, she began to turn fine gossamer thread into robust felted forms.

By patiently rubbing and coaxing threads of pure wool into shapes in nature that inspire her, she found her direction and started a small home industry. She trained a handful of women to help her. Recognised for their originality and design uniqueness, her creations found an immediate market. Consistent with being inspired by nature, the Ronel Jordaan® label is equally harmonious with nature; the processes implemented in the workshop are all eco-friendly.

Floral Cushion
Ronel Jordaan Nests Decor
Proudly South African

Mindful Design

SOAP – Essential to the felting process, is a South African product and fully bio-degradable.

DYES – Although the dyes are imported from Germany, they have been specifically chosen because they are lead free and meet European Eco-Standard.

ANIMAL RIGHTS AWARENESS – Unlike Australia, South African farmers do not practice mule-sing – docking sheep tails to prevent flystrike.

NO CARBONIZATION – Wool traditionally undergoes a process called carbonization – a bath of hydrochloric acid and other chemicals to clean the wool. As well as a residue of chemicals left in the wool, fine protective hair follicles are also stripped away.

100% SOUTH AFRICAN – Finally, all the wool used in Ronel Jordaan® products are totally, proudly South African.